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Hal Conklin

Hal Conklin is the co-author of Cinema In Focus, a "social and spiritual commentary on current films”, (along with the Rev. Denny Wayman) since January, 1995. Rev. Wayman is the pastor of the Free Methodist Church of Santa Barbara. Cinema In Focus is published weekly and distributed worldwide at cinemainfocus.com.

Mr. Conklin served as the Mayor and City Council Member for the City of Santa Barbara for 18 years (1977 – 1994). He was the President of the California League of Cities in 1991-92 and the Vice President of the National League of Cities in 1993-94. Mr. Conklin is currently the President of the California Center for Civic Renewal, an educational foundation developed between the League of California Cities, the California State Association of Counties, the California School Boards Association, and the National Civic League to "renew and inspire participation in local democracy.”

In addition, Mr. Conklin is the Director of Public Affairs for Southern California Edison's Government Education and Resource Team. SCE serves as the electrical utility for 11 million people in southern California.

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