Anilkumar Payyappilly Vijayan


Anilkumar P. V. completed his M. A. in English from Sree Kerala Varma College, Thrissur, Kerala, in 1999 and M. Phil from the University College, Trivandrum, Kerala in 2001. Currently he teaches English at Kabi Nazrul College, Sonamura, Tripura.

He is a Dalit, that is, a lower caste Keralite (Dalit is the Hindi word for the wretched, firstly used by the foremost Dalit social reformer B. R. Ambedkar to refer to the lower caste people of India). He published an article in a Malayalam journal Madhyamam on the construction of Dalit self in socio-political and legal discourses of Kerala. Its title could be translated into English as Denying Subaltern Pain.

He is interested in cultural theory, film studies, continental modern fiction and poetry, Dalit studies films, music and Chess.

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