Anton Karl Kozlovic


 Anton Karl Kozlovi has
a B.A. [Social Sciences], B.Ed., Dip.Ed. ( Adelaide), B.A. [Humanities] (Deakin), Grad.Dip.Ed.(Rel.Ed.) (S.A.C.A.E.), Grad.Dip.Media (A.F.T.R.S.), M.Ed., M.A., M.Ed.Studies, Ph.D. (Flinders), T.A.F.E. certificates in: Apprentice Education (Electrical Fitter/Mechanic), Trade Competency (Electrical Fitter), Radio Servicing, Automotive Basic Trade Theory, Supervision (Industrial & Office), Personnel Studies, Business (Public Service), and a Certificate IV (Assessment and Workplace Training).

Anton is a Research Associate in Screen Studies, School of Humanities, Flinders University ( Adelaide, Australia) who is interested in the areas of Religion-and-Film, Interreligious Dialogue, Cecil B. DeMille Studies, Computer Films, Popular Culture, Applied Cinema and the New Age.

He has published academic articles and book reviews in: Americana: E-Journal of American Studies in Hungary , Australian eJournal of Theology , Australian Religion Studies Review , Belphegor: Popular Literature and Media Culture , Bright Lights Film Journal , CLCWeb: Comparative Literature and Culture: A WWWeb Journal , Colloquium: The Australian and New Zealand Theological Review , Comparative Islamic Studies , Compass: A Review of Topical Theology , Counterpoints: The Flinders University Online Journal of Interdisciplinary Conference Papers, Dialogue & Alliance: A Journal of the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace , Dialogue Australasia: A Journal for Teachers of Religious and Values Education , Echoing the Word, European Journal of American Studies , Journal for the Renewal of Religion and Theology, Effective Teaching , Journal of Beliefs & Values , Journal of Christian Education,Journal of Contemporary Religion , Journal of Men, Masculinities and Spirituality, Journal of Mundane Behavior, Journal of Religion and Popular Culture, Journal of Religious Education, Journal of Theology for Southern Africa , Kinema: A Journal for Film and Audiovisual Media , Kritikos: An International and Interdisciplinary Journal of Postmodern Cultural Sound, Text and Image, Labyrinth: An International Journal for Philosophy, Feminist Theory and Cultural Hermeneutics, Latent Image: A Student Journal of Film Criticism , Marburg Journal of Religion, McMaster Journal of Theology and Ministry , Metaphilm, Nebula: A Journal of Multidisciplinary Scholarship, Nowa Fantastyka, Opinion: Journal of the South Australian English Teachers Association , Organdi Quarterly/ Organdi: Culture, Creation, Criticism , Pointers: Bulletin of the Christian Research Association, Quodlibet: Online Journal of Christian Theology and Philosophy, Reconstruction: Studies in Contemporary Culture, Religious Education Journal of Australia , Science as Culture, Scope: An On-line Journal of Film Studies , Scriptura: International Journal of Bible, Religion and Theology in Southern Africa, Sincronia: A Journal for the Humanities and Social Sciences , Spirituality , Teaching Sociology, The Film Journal , The Furrow: A Journal for the Contemporary Church, The Journal of Religion and Film, Theological Education , Trames: Journal of the Humanities and Social Sciences , 24 Frames Per Second, Velox: Critical Approaches to Contemporary Film , and Women in Judaism: A Multidisciplinary Journal .



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