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The UNO All Student Profile Card provides a reference for some of the frequently asked questions about the University. It provides such information as headcount, retention rate, faculty information, ACT scores as well as other information. The headcount data also includes where a UNO student is originally from: counties within Nebraska, states, and countries for the international students.

Graduate, Housing, and International Student Profile cards contain some of the same information but focuses specifically on one UNO population.

The UNO Student Profile Cards are a convenient size that supplies users with important institutional data in a quick reference format. It is published annually during the fall semester.

2011-2012 All Students Profile

2010-2011 All Students Profile
2009-2010 All Students Profile

2008-2009 All Students Profile
2007-2008 All Students Profile
2006-2007 All Students Profile

2010-2011 Graduate Student Profile

2011-2012 Housing Profile

2010-2011 Housing Student Profile


international student profile.

2009-2010 International Students Profile