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December 2007 and May 2008 Baccalaureate Graduates
Outcomes Survey - 992 respondents - Delivery-Site

Of the 1,653 seniors who graduated and the additional 200 or so who completed an application for graduation but did not graduate on-time, 992 responded to this voluntary survey. The response rate is 54%. Seniors choose to participate in the online survey when they apply for graduation.

All but a few seniors worked off-campus their last college year. Nearly 75% of graduating seniors reported working off-campus 20 or more hours per week and 43% said they worked 30 or more hours per week. Nonetheless, many made time to participate in student activities and organizations (40%), do volunteer or community service (40-50%), join a professional organization or association (24%) or do career preparation (40%).

The level of satisfaction with academic preparation (results are below) has varied very little since these questions were first asked of graduates in 2003. Open-ended questions collect some of the most insightful and constructive information. Students this year frequently commented on life-changing college experiences and positive relationships with faculty and staff. Students also suggested areas for improvement. Parking continues to be the top item for improvement followed by academic/classroom experiences and academic advising.

Overall Satisfaction

    • 94% recommend UNO to other students
    • 91% are satisfied with the knowledge and skills required to earn a degree
    • 50% are willing to mentor a UNO student
    • 51% wish to return to UNO for graduate study

    Academic Preparation
    Satisfaction with academic preparation

    Very Satisfied or Satisfied
    Development of critical reasoning skills
    Development of quantitative skills
    Development of writing skills
    Skills to speak confidently in public
    Sensitivity to diversity of cultures
    Skills to listen and evaluate critically
    The knowledge and skills for my degree

    Following Graduation
    Most likely primary activity

    Employment, Full-Time Paid
    Graduate or professional school, Full-Time
    Graduate or professional school, Part-Time
    Employment, Part-Time Paid
    Completely undecided
    Starting or raising a family
    Military Service
    Additional undergraduate education
    Volunteer activity (e.g.) Peace Corps