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Office of Institutional Research
Office of Institutional Research

institutional research mobile data.

It is now possible to access an increasing number of UNO's institutional indicators, including enrollment data, student and faculty characteristics, graduation rates, and program rankings through a website designed especially for use on wireless mobile devices such as smartphones (e.g., BlackBerry) and personal digital assistants (e.g., iPod touch). We will be working on adding more indicators to the site, so check back often.

how to access.

The mobile data site can be found at You can access this site through the Web browser on your mobile device.

For BlackBerry users, we have created a simple application that can be installed onto the home screen or applications folder of your device. This allows you to instantaneously and easily launch the indicators site without having to enter the address manually. Users comfortable with installing software can do so by accessing the "Install BlackBerry Launcher" link at the bottom of the site through a BlackBerry device and following the onscreen instructions. You are also very welcome to just visit the Office of Institutional Research, in EAB 202, Monday through Wednesday 9:00 am - 12:00 noon so that we can install it for you.

iPhone and iPod touch users may add an icon to their home screens simply by accessing the site, pressing the + button at the bottom of Safari, and selecting "Add to Home Screen."


The site is optimized for recent model BlackBerry devices (8xxx/9xxx), including but not limited to the Curve, Bold, and Storm, and for all generations of the Apple iPhone and iPod touch. It is also highly compatible with Android devices, such as the T-Mobile G1.