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Office of Institutional Research

Mission Statement.

The mission of the Office of Institutional Research (OIR) is to collect, analyze, and disseminate information in support of university strategic planning, policy formulation, decision-making, assessment, and compliance reporting. The UNO Strategic Plan identifies campus goals and indicators that promote a culture of excellence. This office’s plan harmonizes with the campus plan and is updated annually to specifically address the information, assessment outcomes, and measurements used to monitor progress towards campus goals.

Goals and Objectives 2010-2011

Goal 1: Provide information for campus decision-making that is timely and useful.

Objective 1: Research current topics of interest in higher education and anticipate information needs of the campus.

Measurement: Provide information to administration on topics of importance to the campus. 

Measurement: Maintain a public schedule of routine reporting and deadlines including survey administration timeframes.

Measurement: Review and stay current on legislation, federal law, and related higher education issues and notify administrators of changes and opportunities to comment or participate.

Measurement: Provide policy analysis on emerging issues and priorities as needed.

Measurement: Engage in professional development that contributes to the knowledge and skill base of the office.

Objective 2: Participate with the campus assessment committee in formulating and conducting surveys and research questions that will be used to measure progress towards campus goals.

Measurement: Establish a schedule of surveys and prepare survey instruments in consultation with strategic planning, enrollment management, colleges, assessment committee and other entities.

Measurement: Develop external benchmarks with peer and urban institutions that enable satisfaction and productivity comparisons. Those comparisons can be used to discover best practices among comparable institutions and develop national benchmarks for accountability purposes.

Measurement: Report outcomes of campus surveys in a systematic and timely manner to the campus community through e-notes, formal reports, presentations of results, and release of executive summaries on the IR website.

Measurement: Maintain secure and confidential archives of survey outcomes.

Measurement: Provide survey and assessment consultation services to the campus under the purview of Academic and Student Affairs leadership and direction.

Measurement: Conduct in-depth research and analysis about students, in addition to surveys, that enables better understanding of student needs, perceptions, and expectations regarding campus services, academic programs, progress towards degree completion, communication and climate, and general satisfaction with UNO.

Measurement: Compare first-time, full-time, degree-seeking freshmen cohort, and transfer student cohort data with the National Student Clearinghouse to obtain information regarding UNO transfer out students.

Goal 2: Coordinate University of Nebraska at Omaha official reporting to the University of Nebraska Central Administration and external agencies.

Objective 1: Provide accurate and timely responses as required and report with adherence to instructions and deadlines.

Measurement: Meet deadlines regarding CA requests for information.  Verify the accuracy of the data provided by completing the control data file.

Measurement: Document by compiling definitions and coding conventions and include with submitted reports. Annually review documentation.

Measurement: In the spirit of continual improvement, record and monitor suggestions for improvements in reports and measures and other work produced by this office.

Measurement: Complete the annual review of the fall snapshot of faculty, staff and student employee data as required in a timely and accurate manner.  Coordinate with Human Resources to ensure changes/corrections are entered in SAP.

Measurement: Meet the requirements of CA-coordinated annual reports for NCCPE, the Department of Administrative Services, the NE Legislature, and other NE entities.

Objective 2: Collaborate with NU campuses and Central Administration in the creation of student data warehouse information.

Measurement: Provide definitions and data as required within an agreed upon timeframe.

Measurement: Work towards consensus on definitions and procedures with other campuses.

Measurement: Ensure that UNO processes are in place to support the routine transmission of student and other information to the Central Administration data warehouse.

Goal 3: Do routine and special projects in support of the campus.

Objective 1: Improve upon the timely reporting of semester student information, faculty and staff information, indicators, and related information on campus.

Measurement: Establish audit and follow-up procedures to ensure quality, timeliness, and usefulness.

Measurement: Provide yearly overview of student trends to the Chancellor’s Council.

Measurement: Produce and distribute a yearly report of Academic Department Indicators by October.

Measurement: Produce and distribute a yearly Factbook by December.

Measurement: Produce and distribute the Semester Enrollment Reports.

Measurement: Produce required faculty reports including IPEDS, CUPA, and AAUP in a timely and accurate manner.

Measurement: Participate in the Delaware Study.

Measurement: Coordinate and report on Faculty Salary Parity Analysis.

Objective 2: Expand upon student retention, graduation and persistence analyses.

Measurement: Review established methodologies and studies and generate the appropriate information for this campus.

Measurement: Conduct transfer student profile and cohort analysis

Measurement: Conduct specific program-level cohort analyses.

Objective 3: Coordinate and/or administer surveys that will provide assessment and campus climate information that may be used for programming, academic planning, and benchmarking purposes in the institutional portfolio.

Measurement: Surveys will feed measures of institutional progress: Entering Freshman Survey, Entering Transfer Student Survey, Year First College Year Student Survey, Undergraduate Student Outcomes Survey, and other faculty and student surveys as needed.

Measurement: Complete national and local surveys/databases by agencies that request information for publication and research including: U.S. News and World Report, Peterson’s Guide, Princeton Review, Common Data Set, The College Board, and others.

Objective 4: Provide research and statistical assistance to departments, units and committees in support of their research efforts.

Measurement: Produce statistics, reports, data, and profiles as time permits.

Measurement: Provide data as needed for accreditation, program review, research grants and other required reporting as needed.

Goal 4: Develop and disseminate university, college and departmental information in support of unit level planning and improvement.

Objective 1: Provide the primary information resources and consultation with campus units to create and maintain a dynamic and useful institutional portfolio.

Measurement: Maintain the Institutional Portfolio institution indicators to measure progress towards campus goals outlined in the Strategic Plan.

Measurement: Provide information on Distance Education and Service Learning courses and students to Academic Affairs for annual review.

Measurement: Coordinate with Academic and Student Affairs, assist colleges with development of indicators, and incorporate into institutional portfolio.

Measurement: Do campus reminders of scheduled surveys, survey progress and reporting out of results.

Measurement: Develop urban institutions comparisons and benchmarks especially with the Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities members.

Objective 2: Provide useful and timely reporting and indicators to the campus.

Measurement: Do presentations about campus trends and topics of interest to Chancellor’s Cabinet, Faculty Senate, Staff Advisory Council, Academic and Student Affairs committees, Strategic Planning activities, Assessment and First-Year Experience Committees, Enrollment Management Committee, AQIP, Strategic Planning Task Forces, Department Chairs and so on.

Objective 3: Support People Soft implementation Fall 09-Fall 11.

Measurement: Develop extracts for enrollment, course, graduation, and other reporting.

Measurement: Create Web Focus dash board reporting.