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Call for Contributions

ID: International Dialogue—A Multidisciplinary Journal of World Affairs
Call for Contributions

ID: International Dialogue is a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed academic e-journal aimed at scholars, policy makers, and practitioners who seek an interactive forum for the cross-fertilization of ideas and perspectives about world affairs. It is a space for writings in the humanities and the social sciences, especially those that engage in an interdisciplinary approach that addressees the many challenges posed to intellectual and practical life by the major political, social, and economic forces and institutions that shape the present world. ID examines these forces and institutions as they play out in the international arena, as well as how these facets of modern life have been theorized in the humanities and the social sciences. Yet it does so without catering to any one theory, perspective, or view.

ID aspires to move beyond the descriptive and quantitative by acknowledging the importance of theory, how theory becomes empirically informed, and how theory is connected with the practical. It also acknowledges that the boundary between theory and practice is blurred. Consequently, ID examines world affairs in terms of transformative concepts, such as ethnic and religious identity, faith, alterity, empowerment, art and architecture, human rights, globalization, civil society, dialogue, democratization, multiculturalism, conflict, reconciliation, technology, climate, war, nationalism, ideology, power, language, violence, and international law. However, it does so through articles that provide links between theory, the forces and institutions that shape the world, and key issues of our time. The goal is to embark on a conversation about world affairs that not only includes the usual disciplines (history, political science, economics, philosophy, law, sociology, and religion), but also others that are often neglected (e.g., art, architecture, and psychology). In addition to being disciplinarily expansive, it is also rather “messy” when it comes to discipline boundaries, thus some of the articles may be more indicative of culture, ethnic, gender, environmental, urban, and other areas of study.

ID is now soliciting contributions for Volume 6. Published once a year, the journal endeavors to bring innovation to the discussion of world affairs through a dual-editorial board process that will allow for the publishing of a broader range of material and in multiple languages. The length of research articles should be between 3500 and 10,000 words, with the length of discussion notes, book and film reviews, review essays, and interviews varying between 1500 and 5000 words depending upon the type of submission. All submissions should be in Microsoft Word-compatible format. The submission deadline is August 1, 2016. For more information about submission instructions and special themes or individual thinkers, please access the Submissions pages at the ID website: Questions should be directed to the Editor-in-Chief, Rory J. Conces at



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Call for Contributions

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