Payroll FAQ.

Do you need to do anything if you have a minor injury at work?

All injuries occurring at work must be reported to your supervisor, regardless if you did not require medical attention and regardless if you did not take time off work.

How often does a tax treaty eligible nonresident need to renew his/her treaty?

Treaty eligible nonresident employees must renew their tax treaty each calendar year.

Can a student employee change their address through E-BRUNO for payroll purposes?

An address change made through E-BRUNO DOES NOT change an address in the SAP database. The address change must be made through Human Resources Office.

How much compensatory time can a regular biweekly employee earn?

Regular biweekly employees may not earn more than 60 hours of compensatory time off.

How much vacation may a regular employee earn?

Vacation accrual stops when the balance reaches 280 hours.

How do you delete an incorrect entry in Maintain Time (IT 2052)?

You must click on the line you want to delete and go to the top tool bar and click the trash can. BE SURE TO SAVE YOUR ENTRIES.

How do you enter OTD, CME and ROPL?

When entering OTD, CME and ROPL hours, you must enter them outside of core work schedule hours.

Do I need to enter the cost center/WBS element and position number for negative time reporting on the IT2052?


Do nonresident aliens use the same W-4 form as US citizens?

No, most nonresidents must use a special Form W-4 for payroll tax withholding. This form and instructions can be found in SAPPHIRE. Follow the menu path: Human Resources, UNO Business Forms, Nonresident Alien, Form W-4 for NRA 2009.