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Employee Handbook A-Z

This handbook has been prepared to acquaint benefits-eligible employees with the University of Nebraska at Omaha’s (UNO) policies, procedures and practices. It outlines the obligations, benefits, and privileges of UNO Managerial/Professional and Office/Service* employees.

The Bylaws of the Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska are the official governing rules for all University of Nebraska at Omaha employees. The Bylaws may be found at: The UNO Policy Library is a compilation of University policies and is available at: Not every policy or practice of the University is contained in this Handbook, the Bylaws or the Policy Library.

Because of changes in the Bylaws, pertinent legislation, University policies, etc., the information in this handbook is subject to change. Employees should bring any questions regarding the information contained in this handbook to their supervisors or to the Human Resources Office.

THIS HANDBOOK IS NOT A CONTRACT OF EMPLOYMENT. Unless otherwise expressly stated in a written appointment to a position or in a written contract of employment duly approved and executed by UNO, all non-faculty employees are considered employees at will, and either UNO or the employee may terminate the employment relationship upon giving the proper advance notice.

*Managerial/Professional staff members are persons serving in non-academic professional positions including technical specialists, directors not included in the academic/administrative staff, and all departmental managers. Office/Service staff members are classified within the University of Nebraska Classification System.

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