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Beneficiary designations are generally payable immediately after death and override a will. That means your assets will not go through probate, a legal proceeding that can be expensive. But is also means that you need to ensure that your beneficiary designations reflect your most recent wishes because your will cannot override them.

Upon your death, the death benefits will be payable to the most current named beneficiary or beneficiaries on file with UNO and/or TIAA-CREF or FIDELITY.

For more information on Designating Beneficiaries, including setting up a Formal or Informal Trust, click HERE.

Life Insurance

The University provides term life insurance coverage equal to one times your annual budgeted salary up to a maximum of $120,000, rounded up to the nearest $100 through the Assurity Life Insurance Company. This coverage is payable in the event of your death, thus giving your family or beneficiary financial protection. Life Insurance beneficiaries also cover any voluntary Accidental Death & Dismemberment insurance you have elected.

Directions: Download either one of the two forms, fill them out and send or bring the form to the UNO Benefits Office at EAB 205 (Fax to 402-554-3777):

Assurity Beneficiary Designation 2014 Assurity Trust Beneficiary Designation 2014

Retirement Plans

You may update the beneficiaries on your retirement plan(s) online at the following websites:


Once you have updated your beneficiaries online, you should print a copy of the beneficiaries designation and send it to the UNO Benefits Office in EAB 205 so that your personnel file will also be updated. Remember to keep a copy for yourself with your other important papers.

Remember to update your personnel file as well! If you have made changes to your beneficiary designations online, you also need to send a copy of the information to the UNO Benefits Office (EAB 205) so that we can update your personnel file. Should you make a mistake in finalizing your online choices, a hard copy in your personnel file will help ensure your choices will be implemented as you intended.

Dependent Life Insurance - Spouse and Child Life

The primary beneficiary for these coverages is always the employee, although you can also set up a secondary beneficiary. In the case of a joint accident involving the employee and spouse at the same time, the money will be payable to the estate.

To designate a secondary beneficiary, please contact the UNO Benefits Office at 402-554-2321.


The beneficiary designation is a legal document. Clarity is of the utmost importance as any ambiguity may result in your intentions not being followed.

Children as beneficiaries:

1. Death claims cannot be paid to a minor. If a minor has been named as a beneficiary, any proceeds will be payable to the child's guardian.
2. To guarantee that your children receive any moneys paid out, the best choice is often to create a Trust. Please click HERE for more information on creating a Trust.

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