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History Department Dual Enrollment
History Department Dual Enrollment

Advanced Placement Test Award

Background to the Dual Enrollment Requirement for the AP Test

In May of each year, any high school student enrolled in a College Board approved Advanced Placement history course is eligible to take an exam to test the student’s comprehension of the course material. Each course exam is created by the College Board and reflects the particular course curriculum. Students who earn a qualifying score on that AP exam can receive college credit from most colleges and universities in the United States, as well as from those in more than sixty other countries. Exam takers must also follow the AP criteria for earning credit hours established by the college or university they wish to attend.

Those same students enrolled in an AP history course can receive credit at the University of Nebraska at Omaha if the instructor of the AP class has been approved to offer college credit by the History Department at UNO. Just as with classes taken on campus, each student concurrently enrolled in his/her high school and UNO receives a transcript that reflects the grade and credit hours earned at UNO.

Although the test was created by the AP Program and not the UNO Dual Enrollment Program, most school districts participating in UNO’s Dual Enrollment program require AP/ Dual Enrollment students to take the AP Exam regardless of where the student is planning to attend college. Those exams will be offered again in May 2014.

To encourage UNO Dual Enrollment students to study for this exam, the History Department Dual Enrollment program offers a $250 UNO bookstore voucher to students who score a 5 on the test and subsequently enroll in UNO. The award will be made to qualifying students in Fall 2014.


1)High School students must be enrolled during the 2013-2014 academic year in one of the AP History courses listed under “Course Offerings” on this web site.

2)The course must be taught by an instructor previously approved by UNO’s History Department.

3)The student must take an AP Exam in May 2014 that is associated with one of the courses listed under “Course Offerings” on this web site.

4)The bookstore voucher is available only to those 2013-2014 high school seniors and juniors who are enrolled in UNO in Fall 2014 or Fall 2015.

5)A student may earn only one voucher, regardless of the number of AP History Exams taken.

Wisdom is personal and belongs to the person who studies to acquire it, therefore the History Department encourages all students to prepare well for the AP Exam. The resultant knowledge attained through such study will provide not only a head start on college credits, but will serve the student well with a more thorough understanding of the world in which we live.

Contact the UNO History Department Office of Dual Enrollment at 402-554-2584 with any questions.