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History Department Dual Enrollment
History Department Dual Enrollment

Teacher Requirements for Program Participation

The following criteria are necessary to gain full approval as a University of Nebraska at Omaha Dual Enrollment teacher.

1) The teacher must be qualified to offer one of the five eligible Advanced Placement history courses.

2) The teacher must have a masters degree. This is a requirement of the Nebraska Coordinating Commission for Post-Secondary Education.

3) The masters degree must be in History.

If the teacher’s masters degree is not in History, the teacher may be provisionally approved according to the following criteria:

Provisional Status for Dual Enrollment History Teachers

In principle, all those teaching history courses for credit from the University of Nebraska at Omaha should hold at least an M.A. in history. The Nebraska Coordinating Commission on Postsecondary Education requires a minimum of a master’s degree.

“Provisional” approval was created when the Dual Enrollment Program was inaugurated to allow experienced Advanced Placement teachers lacking an M.A. in history to teach Dual Enrollment history courses while earning graduate credits in history. Provisional approval to teach in the History Dual Enrollment program has always been at the discretion of the Dual Enrollment Committee and the chair of the Department of History.

Since the standard for teaching at the college level is at least an M.A. in the content field, provisional approval to teach in the History Dual Enrollment Program will be granted only to teachers enrolled in the University of Nebraska at Omaha history M.A. program and making satisfactory progress toward the degree. Provisional approval cannot be granted to a teacher who does not meet the admission requirements for the M.A. program in history at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Any teacher seeking provisional status must apply for, and be admitted to, the graduate program in history at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

A teacher with provisional approval must begin graduate coursework in history no later than one semester after being granted such status and must complete the M.A. in history within five years of gaining provisional status.

A teacher with provisional approval, like any graduate student, must be advised by the Chair of the Graduate Program in History before registering for any history classes. The graduate chair must approve the proposed schedule. Teachers with provisional approval may not pursue a graduate minor.

“Satisfactory progress” is defined as completing a minimum of six semester hours of graduate credit in history per calendar year, with no final course grade lower than a B-. In the event that a teacher is admitted to the graduate program and required to complete HIST 3930, Historical Research, that course may be substituted for three of the six hours in the teacher’s first year. Failure to maintain satisfactory progress will result in revocation of provisional status.
Please note that, to complete the degree within five years, a candidate entering with no graduate hours in history must take more than six hours a year.

A teacher who commits academic misconduct will have provisional approval revoked.

The Dual Enrollment program will provide a tuition scholarship for the first nine hours of the graduate program for teachers granted provisional approval. Scholarships may be awarded for additional hours, pending available funds.

Approved and effective, 29 September 2009.


For more information regarding admission to the History Department's Graduate Studies program, see the Graduate Studies tab on the University of Nebraska at Omaha History Home Page. Click here to link to UNO's Graduate Studies Application page.