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History Department Dual Enrollment
History Department Dual Enrollment

Classroom Equipment Purchases

The History Dual Enrollment annual budget includes revenues generated by students’ tuition in the schools participating in our program. From those funds, an amount equal to a previously decided ratio of program expenses to income is made available for purchases by each participating school or school district. Please contact Prof. Jo Behrens at any time to see what funds are available for spending by your school or district.

Your school’s portion of those revenues can be used to purchase classroom supplies or technology. The funds can be also be used for field trip admissions and/or transportation costs. The acquisition process for equipment should begin with the creation of a purchase order on school or district letterhead so that University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) Accounting Services is certain that a school official approved the purchase. Selection of the vendor from whom the purchases are made rests with the school or district.

When the ordered items arrive at your school, please send Prof. Jo Behrens the original purchase order and the “packing slips.” Payment for the equipment can be made in one of two ways: UNO Accounting Services can directly pay your vendor, or UNO Accounting Services can reimburse your school or district if the district has already issued payment to the vendor. Such situations may occur if the district or school places a large order that includes items not reimbursable by the Dual Enrollment program. If UNO Accounting Services issues payment to your school/district, Accounting must receive an invoice from the district that included all back-up documentation for the expense. If UNO Accounting Services issues payment to the vendor, you must provide the original invoices to UNO.

Please remember all equipment purchased or reimbursed by UNO Accounting Services is UNO property. Periodically, UNO takes an inventory of all equipment recorded in their accounting records. Do not be alarmed if you are asked by UNO Accounting Services to provide serial numbers on equipment for which the University has paid. Please, call or e-mail the program coordinator if you have any questions or concerns.

The mailing address to which documents related to your purchases should be sent is: History Department; ASH 287; University of Nebraska at Omaha; Omaha, Nebraska 68182.