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History Department Dual Enrollment
History Department Dual Enrollment

Course Offerings*

The History Department acknowledges and accepts approved College Board Advanced Placement curriculum criteria as consistent with, and of equal learning value to, the following History courses from the UNO catalog:

American History I accepted as HIST 1110 American History to 1865
American History II accepted as HIST 1111 American History since 1865
European History I accepted as HIST 1510 Western Civilizations I
European History II accepted as HIST 1520 Western Civilizations II
World History II accepted as HIST 1010 World Civilizations II

For the above courses, the Advanced Placement student can register for 3 credit hours of University of Nebraska at Omaha undergraduate/dual enrollment credit by paying the UNO registration fee. The grade earned in the completed course, as well as credit hours awarded,are posted just as for on-campus classes.

*To be accepted as World Civilizations I at UNO, the Advanced Placement curriculum for World History I requires modification to include more content from the Ancient World. Any changes require approval from both the College Board and the UNO History Department Dual Enrollment Committee.