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History Department
History Department

Richard Dean Winchell Annual History Lecture

Richard Dean Winchell, a student at Omaha University in the early 1950s, went on to become President of Bellevue University. He left an endowment to the UNO History Department, which has used the funds to bring leading historians to campus for speaking engagements since 1997.

Past Winchell Speakers

2014-2015 -- Christopher Browning, "The Case of the Starachowice Factory Slave Labor Camps."(November 2014)

2013-2014 -- Kim E. Nielsen, "Helen Keller, Anne Sullivan Macy, and the Blurry Lenses of Disability History."(September 2013)

2012-2013 -- William Tsutsui, "From Hirshoma to Fukushima: Godzilla and Postwar Japan."(October 2012)

2011-2012 -- Peter Coclanis, "Would Slavery Have Survived Without the Civil War?" (October 2011)

2010-2011 -- Stephanie Coontz, "Courting Trouble: The Past and Future of Marriage in America." (April 2011)

2009-2010 -- Clayton Laurie, "Accountability and the CIA." (March 2010)

2009-2010 -- Sam Walker, "The Great Presidential Speeches They Did Not Give: Presidents and Civil Liberties, Wilson to Bush." (October 2009)

2008-2009 -- Alan E. Steinweis, "The Kristallnacht Pogrom in Germany, November 1938: Myths and Realities" (November 2008)

2007-2008 -- Floyd Abrams, "History, Journalists, and the Law in the New Century" (April 2008)

2005-2006 -- Thomas Borstelmann, "The Changing Face of America's Enemies" (September 2005)

2004-2005 -- Marcus Rediker, "Villains of All Nations" (September 2004)

2003-2004 -- Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, "Well Behaved Women Seldom Make History" (September 2003)

2002-2003-- Alan Bernstein, "The Formation of Hell in Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages" (October 2002)

2001-2002 -- Eugene N. Borza, "Alexander the Great in Our Time." (February 2002)

2000-2001 -- Dane Kennedy, "Sir Richard Francis Burton and the Uses of Orientalism" (October 2000)

1999-2000 -- Joyce Appleby, "Completing the Revolution: The First Generation Americans" (September 1999)

1998-1999 -- Eric Monkkonen, "American Murders: Patterns of Two Centuries" (October 1998)

1997-1998 -- Thomas N. Bonner, "The Academy Then and Now: A Personal Odyssey" (October 1997)