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History Department
History Department

Michael L. Tate


Martin Professor of American History

Professor of History & Native American Studies

287U ASH, 402-554-2594 (email)
American Frontier History, Native American History
(Native American History, 19th-Century American West)

Dr. Tate received his Ph.D. from the University of Toledo in 1974. He held the Ralph Wardle Diamond Professorship (1998 to 2003), and currently holds the Charles and Mary Martin Chair of Western History. He won the Burlington Northern Faculty Achievement Award for Teaching and Research (1990), the Excellence in Teaching Award (1990), the Muriel Wright Award from the Oklahoma Historical Society (1995), the Nebraska Book Award for The Frontier Army in the Settlement of the West (2000), the Merrill Mattes Award from the Oregon-California Trails Association (2001), and UNO's Graduate Mentor Award (2005). He published Indians and Emigrants: Encounters on the Overland Trails (2006), which received the Great Plains Distinguished Book Prize. He is a Fellow at the Center for Great Plains Studies, Trustee for the Nebraska State Historical Association Foundation, a Graduate Faculty Fellow at the University of Nebraska, and Editor-in-Chief of the Native American Bibliography and Resources Series for Scarecrow Press.

When not pursuing academics, he likes to play golf and travel.


Frequently Taught Courses

. World Civilizations since 1600
. Native American History
· 19th Century American Frontier
· Graduate seminars in 20th Century Native American topics and in the American West