Gershovich   Moshe Gershovich

Martin Professor of History (email)
287E ASH, 402-554-3175
Modern European History, Modern Middle East and North Africa, Modern Jewish History
(French Military Colonialism in Morocco, Contemporary Moroccan History & Politics, Arab-Israeli Conflict)

A native of Israel, Dr. Gershovich earned a BA from Tel Aviv University (1982), and a PhD from Harvard (1995).  He has published French Military Rule over Morocco:  Colonialism and its Consequences, as well as numerous scholarly articles in journals such as Middle Eastern Studies, Journal of Military History, Maghreb Review, and Journal of North African Studies.  Currently he is writing a manuscript entitled Serving the Tricolor:  Oral History of Moroccan Soldiers in French Uniforms.   It's based on field research he conducted in Morocco between 1998-2000.

His teaching career started at MIT where he served as visiting lecturer between 1995-1998.  Then he taught two and a half years at Al-Akhawayn University in Ifrane, Morocco.  In the Spring of 2001, he started teaching at UNO.

When not pursuing academics, he enjoys listening to classical music and tackling cryptic crossword puzzles or challenging jigsaw puzzles.  Otherwise, he enjoys a good workout at the gym.

Frequently Taught Courses

 ·    HIST 2190        Modern Middle East
·     HIST 4910        Arab-Israeli Conflict
·     HIST 4910        U.S. and the Middle East
·     HIST 4720        The Holocaust
·     HIST 9100        Middle-East Historiography

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