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History Department
History Department

Full-Time Faculty & Staff

Note: TF designates teaching field: RF designates research field

Maria Arbelaez, Associate Professor (email)
287L ASH, 402-554-2593
TF: Modern Mexico, Borderlands, Latino/Chicano Studies, Latinos in the Midwest
RF: Mexican Americans in the Midwest

Danielle Battisti, Assistant Professor (email)
287G ASH, 402-554-4821
TF: 20th Century American History, U.S. Immigration & Ethnic History, U.S. Foreign Relations
RF: U.S. Immigration & Ethnic History, U.S. Immigration Laws & Policies

Waitman Wade Beorn, Assistant Professor (email)
Louis and Frances Blumkin Professor of Holocaust and Genocide Studies
287L ASH, 402-554-2604
TF: Modern European History, Holocaust History, German History, Eastern European History, Genocide Studies
RF: Modern German History, Holocaust History, Genocide Studies

Kent Blansett, Assistant Professor (email)
287ASH, 402-554-2593
TF: American Indian History, 20th Century US History, American West, Urban History, Global Indigenous
RF: American Indian History, 20th Century US History, American West, Urban History, Global Indigenous

Bruce Garver, Professor of History (email)
288 ASH, 402-554-4824
RF: EuropeModern European history, the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, World Wars I and II, Czech & Slovak history, Italian history, transport history

Moshe Gershovich, Professor of Modern Middle Eastern History (email)
Director of the Middle East Project Fund
Director, Natan and Hannah Schwalb Center for Israel and Jewish Studies
200A ASH, 402-554-3175
TF: Modern Middle East and North Africa, Modern Jewish History
RF: French Military Colonialism in Morocco, Contemporary Moroccan History & Politics, Israel and Palestine, Middle East Historiography, Islam and the West, US and the Middle East, the Holocaust

John A. Grigg, Associate Professor (email)
Graduate Program Chair
287F ASH, prefers e-mail
TF: Colonial America, religion in colonial America
RF: Pre-Revolutionary North America

Charles W. King, Associate Professor (email)
287D ASH, 402-554-4825
TF: Ancient Rome, Late Antiquity, Classical Historiography
RF: Roman Religion, Roman Social History, Migration Period "Barbarians," especially the Huns

Elaine Marie Nelson, Assistant Professor (email)
287S ASH, 402-554-4822
TF & RF: American West, Native American History, Gender History

Jeanne Reames, Associate Professor (email)
Director, Ancient Mediterranean Studies
287K ASH, 402-554-2489
TF: Ancient Greece and Macedonia, Alexander the Great, History of the Early Church, Pre-Islamic Persia
RF: Power politics at the court of Alexander the Great, Macedonian social history, Greek gender studies

Martina Saltamacchia, Assistant Professor (email)
Director, Medieval and Renaissance Studies
287J ASH, 402-554-4826
TF: Medieval Europe, Medieval Merchants, The Crusades, Cathedrals
RF: Medieval Milan, Cathedrals building and financing, Medieval Merchants

Mark Scherer, Associate Professor (email) (prefers e-mail)
Department Chair
287W ASH, 402-554-4823
TF: Nebraska and Great Plains Legal & political history
RF: Native American Legal History, American Revolutionary History

Dennis J. Smith, Associate Professor (email)
Missouri Valley History Conference Co-ordinator
Director, Native American Studies
287C ASH, 402-554-3688
TF: Northern Plains Tribes, Native American History, North American Indian Cultures
RF: Ft. Peck Reservation Assiniboine and Sioux history; federal Indian policy

Sharon E. Wood, Professor of History (email)
287P ASH, prefers email
TF: History of Women in America, Nineteenth Century U.S. Social and Cultural History
RF: Gender and Slavery in the Mississippi Valley

Jo Headrick, Head Secretary (email)
287 ASH, 402-554-2593

Part-Time & Adjunct Faculty

Anthony Aftonomos, Instructor (email)
288B ASH, 402-554-3176
(Byzantine History; History of Human Sexuality)

Jeremiah Bauer, (email)
287R ASH, 402-554-4827
(U.S. Political and Legal History)

Jo Behrens, Instructor (email)
287H ASH, 402-554-2584
(Omaha History; World Civilizations; Episcopal Diocese of Nebraska Archivist; History Dual Enrollment Coordinator; History Web Page Maintenance)

Leslie Coffman, (email)
287R ASH, 402-554-4827
(Native American History; American West)

Kimberly King, Instructor (email)
287T ASH, 402-554-2835
(Roman Art, Architecture, and Gardens; New Kingdom Egypt)

Charles Klinetobe, Instructor, (e-mail)
287H ASH, 402-554-2584
(American History; Race, Class, and Gender in American Society and Sport)

Mary Lyons-Carmona, Instructor (e-mail)
287O ASH, 402-614-2692
20th-Century American History
(Commercialized Agricultural & Migrant Labor History; Child Labor History)

Fred Nielsen, Instructor (email)
287Q ASH, 402-554-3172
19th and 20th Century US History
(American Cultural and Intellectual History; Environmental History)

Anthony Pasley, Instructor (email)
287Q ASH, 402-554-3172
(World Civilizations)

John Schleicher, Instructor (email)
288B, ASH, 402-559-7094
(World Civilizations)

Sonya Stejskal, Instructor (email)
287H ASH, 402-554-2584
(World Civilizations)

Daniel Weis, Instructor (email)
287I ASH, 402-554-3954
(Renaissance [Machiavelli]; History of Revolutions)

In Memoriam

June L. Mecham, Assistant Professor
Medieval History, women's history
(monasticism & spirituality, especially German convents; late Middle Ages)

Patrick Kennedy, Instructor
(American History; World Civilizations)

Emeritus Faculty

JoAnn Carrigan, Professor Emerita

Harl Dalstrom, Professor Emeritus

Lorraine M. Gesick, Professor Emerita

Marian Nelson, Professor Emerita

Richard Overfield, Professor Emeritus

William Petrowski, Professor Emeritus

Oliver B. Pollak, Professor Emeritus

William C. Pratt, Professor Emeritus

Jacqueline St John, Professor Emerita

Jerold Simmons, Professor Emeritus

Michael L. Tate, Professor Emeritus

Tommy Thompson, Professor Emeritus

Clio, one of the nine Greek muses, was later referred to as the Muse of History. A daughter of Zeus, Clio was highly regarded for her brilliant poetry and heroic acts. Her image usually includes a parchment scroll (an ancient source of record), a set of tablets (another ancient source of records), books, and/or a clarion (or trumpet). In her hair, she wears a laurel wreath. The image of Clio on this web page was taken from a 1689 painting by Pierre Mignard entitled, Clio.