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History Department
History Department

Majoring In History

Bachelor of Arts

In addition to Arts and Sciences college requirements, including the Arts and Sciences foreign language requirement, students who elect a major in history and seek the B.A. degree must pass, with a least a "C-" grade, History 1000 and 1010; 9 hours from among History 1020-2990 (no more than 3 hours of History 2990 may be taken to fulfill the 9-hour requirement); and 21 hours of history or the equivalents from courses at the 3000 and 4000 levels. The 21 hours must include History 3930 (Historical Research). No upper-division courses offered toward a degree in history may be taken on a Credit / No Credit basis. Students wishing to substitute any course in partial fulfillment of the history major must petition the Executive Committee of the department of history. In so doing, they must demonstrate that the proposed substitute is germane to their particular historical field of interest. Such a petition must be made and approved before enrollment in the course. There will be no credit by examination for history courses except through CLEP and only for History 1110/20.

Bachelor of Science

Students who plan to undertake graduate study in history are advised that the B.A. degree is preferred to the B.S. degree by most graduate admissions committees and that knowledge of one or more foreign languages is necessary in most fields of historical research and writing.

Students who elect a major in history and seek the B.S. degree must meet the same history requirements and follow the course of study outlined for the B.A. degree with two important exceptions. First, students working towards the B.S. degree are exempt from the foreign language requirement of the College of Arts and Sciences. Second, all candidates for the B.S. degree must successfully complete 15 credit hours in cognate courses, including one 3-hour course in logic (Philosophy 2010) or statistics (Mathematics 1530 or Psychology 3130 or Sociology 2130) or any of the "Writing Courses" approved by the College of Arts and Sciences (in addition to History 3930). The balance of the hours must include 12 hours from 3000/4000 level courses selected to complement the student's interests in history. None of the foregoing courses may be used to fulfill the "Enhancement of Fundamental Competencies" requirements or any "Distribution Requirements" of the College of Arts and Sciences. Approval for the 15 hours of cognate courses for the B.S. in history will be in the form of a written contract to be signed by the student's history faculty advisor and placed in the student's file.

Minoring In History

Students may take a minor in history by completing 15 hours in history at the 2000-4990 levels, with at least 12 hours in 3000-4000 level courses. All courses must be completed with a grade of "C-" or above.

Clio, one of the nine Greek muses, was later referred to as the Muse of History. A daughter of Zeus, Clio was highly regarded for her brilliant poetry and heroic acts. Her image usually includes a parchment scroll (an ancient source of record), a set of tablets (another ancient source of records), books, and/or a clarion (or trumpet). In her hair, she wears a laurel wreath. The image of Clio on this web page was taken from a ca. 1660 painting by Johannes Vermeer entitled, The Art of Painting..