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History Department
History Department

Careers in History

As a history major, you can consider several possible career paths! The jobs for which you will be eligible are many and include those of journalist, legal assistant, analyst, archivist, campaign worker, consultant, public relations staffer, researcher, teacher/educator, broadcaster, congressional aide, and editor.


Below is a brief list of career opportunities for history majors. This summary is based in part on an extensive pamphlet written by Barbara J. Howe entitled Careers for Students of History.

Internet resources can also assist in visualizing all the potential career paths available to individuals graduating from college with a degree in History. Two potentially useful web sites are those of Carleton College and the American Historical Association.

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History Majors Used in Education

Elementary and Secondary Schools
Postsecondary Education
Historic Sites and Interpretation
Museum Guides

History Majors Used in the Research Field

Museum Exhibits
Historical Organizations
Think Tanks and Non-Profit Organizations
Cultural Resource Management
Historic Preservation
National Park Service (Department of Interior)
U.S. Forest Service (Department of Agriculture)
Contract and Consultation Historians

History Majors Used in Communication and Management

Writing, Editing, and Publishing
Documentary Editors and Media Production
Archival Work
Information and Records Management
Digital Humanities
Political Service: Legislative and Campaign Work
Litigation and Paralegal Support
Lawyers and Legal Consultation

Clio, one of the nine Greek muses, was later referred to as the Muse of History. A daughter of Zeus, Clio was highly regarded for her brilliant poetry and heroic acts. Her image usually includes a parchment scroll (an ancient source of record), a set of tablets (another ancient source of records), books, and/or a clarion (or trumpet). In her hair, she wears a laurel wreath. The image of Clio on this web page was taken from a 1758 painting by Francois Boucher entitled, Clio, The Muse of History and Song.