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History Department
History Department

Changes in History's Advising Procedures

Dear History majors,

Greetings from your home department.

As the time for registering for fall (and perhaps summer) classes approaches, I want to let each of you know about a significant change in the way we will be handling the advising and registration process within the department. These changes will take effect immediately and will be implemented as we move through this springs registration period.

As you know, the system that is currently in place involves your assignment to one of our faculty members for advising on a semester by semester basis. The result, of course, is that you may have been advised by a different professor each semester. While we have used this system for many years and it certainly has its advantages, we are now moving to a system which we believe will be even better one in which you will be assigned to one specific faculty member, who will become your permanent advisor for most of the time that you are in our program. We are hopeful that this change will produce more efficiency, clarity, and continuity in the advising relationship.

Here are the specific things you need to know as we implement this new system:

1.)If there is a particular faculty member with whom you have worked in the past, and you would like to be assigned to that person for advising permanently, contact our administrative assistant, Mrs. Jo Headrick (phone 402-554-2593), and she will place you into that professor’s advising group.Please understand that we will be seeking to equalize the number of advisees handled by all of our faculty and that we may not necessarily be able to accommodate all such requests. Thus, to some extent, this will be a first come, first served process.

2.)If you have no particular preference, then proceed as you normally have in the past–that is, when your time for registration nears, contact Mrs. Headrick by phone or email, tell her that you are a history major who needs an advising appointment, and she will assign you to a faculty member for advising, as she has always done in the past. The difference, however, is that the professor to whom you are assigned will now become your permanent advisor.In future registration periods, you will contact that person directly to deal with your advising and registration needs.

3.)ONE FINAL NOTE: If you believe that you are entering your final semester or tweo before graduation (i.e., if you have accumulated approximately 90-100 UNO credit hours), please let Mrs. Headrick know that when you contact her for advising. You will then be assigned to me for what we will refer to as “senior advising.

Again, we are hopeful that this revision of our advising procedures will be beneficial to you as your progress toward your degree continues. Should you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

Best wishes for a productive and successful semester!

Mark R. Scherer, Ph.D., J.D.
Chair and Associate Professor
Department of History
University of Nebraska-Omaha