Chalco Hills

Click here for a map of the location of all of the signs or ask for a map at the Chalco Hills visitors center.

Welcome to Chalco Hills. We hope that you will enjoy your hike to find all ten signs where you can either scan the QR codes on the signs with your smart phone or text the words (to 77948) on the signs to receive more information. Each message has two codes. Code 1 is made up of different letters and code 2 is made up the dots and dashes of Morse code which you will have to look up to solve the clue. If you text, the text message that you receive will either say Code 1 and Code 2 or simply 1 and 2 followed by the code. On your first text message you will receive a message saying that you have opted to get alerts from Take a Hike. This is just the introductory message and it will be followed by the text message for the sign where you are located. You will not receive any text message that you don't request after the first introductory message. Depending on the time of day, your text message may arrive right away or within a minute. If you typed the key words in correctly, your message will arrive. The key words always start with the word “hike” followed by a dot or period (.) and then the key word that you see on the signs. Although you can start your hike at any of the signs, the order of the codes is from sign 1 to sign 10.

If you don’t have a phone app for reading QR codes, there are many different code readers that you can load on your smart phone. Search your app store for “QR reader.” Both the QR codes and the text messages give you the letter codes and the Morse codes to solve, but the QR codes give you more information about the site that you are visiting since the text messages are limited to only 145 characters and the QR codes are not limited to 145 characters. Whether you use the QR codes or the text messages, you will get more information about the different locations of your hike. Have fun, enjoy nature and get some good exercise.

Email your solution to either of the codes to along with your mailing address and we will send a prize to you. You may wish to visit our other Take a Hike route on the Missouri River

Thanks to AlegentCreighton Health and Live Well Omaha Kids for their support for this project.