Reach for It:

A Handbook of Health, Exercise and Dance Activities for Older Adults 

(now out or print but excerpts are available online),

First Editon, 1987--Second Edition 1990--Third Edition, 1997

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"Reach for It" at Underwood Tower and deFreese Manor

 DESCRIPTION: Background, theory and practice for health, exercise and dance activities for older adults.

REVIEWS: First edition review: " . . . a thoroughly usable guide for joyful activities for senior citizens." Margaret Mains, past president National Dance Association, reviewed in the " Journal of Physical Education, Recreation and Dance"

Second edition review: "Here's hours of fun right here!" David Letterman, "Late Night" with David Letterman.

Third editon reviews: " The book is appropriate for older adults themselves and those who lead older adults in health, exercise, and dance programs. It would make an excellent teaching tool in fields such as physical education, exercise physiology, dance education, dance therapy, health education, gerontology, recreation, and sports medicine." Newsletter of the Association for Gerontology in Higher Education "

The program highlighted in this handbook is under the direction of one of AALF's and CAAD's most active members--David Corbin. This new edition features website resources, information of the World Health Organization's guidelines for health and fitness for older adults, the Surgeon General's summary on health and physical activity as well as upgraded demographics and new activities." Council on Aging and Adult Development Connection (newsletter)

COMMENTS: "The authors of this text have for some time been proponents and educators in this important aspect of successful aging. In this text, they share their wisdom and experience and cross several disciplines to synthesize programs of activity and exercise for the able and the not-so-able. In so doing, the authors have created a valuable resource for older persons, those who work with the aged and those assisting cross-generational groups."--Jane F. Potter, M.D., Chief of the Section of Geriatrics and Gerontology, University Geriatric Center, University of Nebraska Medical Center.

AUTHOR'S COMMENTS: The spirit of this book can best be captured in the saying, "If you don't use it, you lose it." Staying active is important throughout a person's life. It is never too late to change a sedentary lifestyle or to learn new things. In this third edition of the book we have added many new exercisesand dances, and we have included two entirely new chapters. There are references and resources at the end of the chapters and at the end of the book. There are new graphics, photos and many quotes from notable older adults. Because the world wide web and computers have brought us into the information age, we have listed the web site addresses of many agencies and organizations. The appendices contain additional materials for people who wish to gain more in-depth information about health and exercise for older adults.





Chapter 1 - The Demographics of an Aging Society

Chapter 2 - The Aging Body

Chapter 3 - Aging, Health and Health Promotion

Chapter 4 - How Exercise and Dance Can Improve
      the Health of Older Adults

Chapter 5 - Exercises in Futility

Chapter 6 - Precautions, Guidelines, and Assessments

Chapter 7 - Warm Up Exercises

Chapter 8 - Exercises with Bicycle Innertubes

Chapter 9 - Exercises with Scarves & Foam Balls

Chapter 10- Games and Activities

Chapter 11- Dance in Chairs

Chapter 12- Line, Circle and Group Dances

Chapter 13- Expressive Movement & Improv. Activities
Chapter 14- Water Exercise

Chapter 15- T'ai Chi Ch'uan

Chapter 16- Yoga

Chapter 17- A Walking Program

Chapter 18- Relaxation and Stress Reduction

Chapter 19- Nutrition for the Older Adult

Chapter 20- Drugs and the Older Adult

Chapter 21- Sexuality and Aging



EXCERPT: From Chapter 3: "Although tremendous gains have been made by some segments of the population, there is still a long way to go in making all of the older citizens of our nation healthier. One thing is certain, old age does not have to be a time of ill health and depression. To a large extent, the success of our aging is dependent upon how we take care of ourselves."


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