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College: many opportunities, many challenges. You may have some unanswered questions going through your mind whether you're a new freshman, a continuing student, or a transfer student.

Will I fit in and make friends?

How can I succeed academically?

Will I get lost in the crowd and become just another number?

Will I be able to get involved on campus and better my leadership skills?

How can I get a good job when I graduate?

Where can I find other people who like to do the same things that I do?

These concerns are very common. Every one likes to belong to and feel a part of something. Fraternities offer you the chance to meet people who share your interests and values as natural friends.

Fraternities will help you find your niche on campus, be your home away from home, offer resources to help you achieve your academic goals, encourage you to get involved in campus organizations, let you play on that winning intramural team, and give you a group of friends that will cheer you on when you're successful and who will support you when the going gets tough.

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