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Metropolitan Advantage Program

What is the Metropolitan Advantage Program?

Metropolitan Advantage Program (MAP) at the University of Nebraska at Omaha offers residents of Cass, Crawford, Fremont, Harrison, Mills, Monona, Montgomery, Page, Pottawattamie, Shelby and Wooodbury counties the opportunity to attend UNO graduate programs at a special reduced tuition rate.

Who is eligible for the Metropolitan Advantage Program?

Beginning Fall 2012, eligible students for graduate programs include current residents* of Cass, Crawford, Fremont, Harrison, Mills, Monana, Montgomery, Page, Pottawattamie, Shelby and Woodbury counties and/or graduates of high schools within those counties who meet UNO's admissions requirements. Harrison, Mills and Pottawattamie counties are currently eligible for the Metropolitan Advantage Program.

*International students on a visa are not eligible for MAP rates

What does it cost?

Eligible UNO graduate Iowa residents will pay 150 percent of resident tuition.* Tuition costs per credit hour are as follows:

Residency Status Graduate Tuition
Resident $236.50
Non-resident $622.50
Metropolitan Advantage Program $354.75

*MAP rates are not applicable towards distance education(on-line) courses. Distance Education tuition rates varies by college and can be found at Cashiering.


Fee per semester Fee per credit hour
University Program/Facilities          $360.70 Technology              $9.00
Enrollment Services                        $52.00 Library                     $3.00
Photo ID                                          $6.50 Distant Education Delivery                   $25.00
Cultural Enrichment Fee                $5.00 Student Research Fee                          $1.50
New Student Fee          $140.50/one-time fee

Costs are based on a minimum full-time enrollment for two semesters of 9 graduate hours per semester. Cost calculations are estimates only. Actual costs will reflect an individual's style of living and spending choices.

How does the MAP program compare to what I'd pay attending college in Iowa?

The UNO reduced tuition is close to the rates charged by the university of Iowa, Iowa State and the University of Northern Iowa. With this initiative, UNO competes well on the basis of quality, cost and convenience.

What is the value of this program?

The tuition variance is very attractive to non-resident students to attend UNO, many of whom tend to stay in Nebraska to live and work, according to studies on migration. In offering this opportunity to metropolitan Iowans, UNO's goal is ultimately about improving education levels and increasing economic growth in the greater Omaha area.

last updated: 12th September 2011 at 1:47pm