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Office of Graduate Studies

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Application Process.

An Application for Graduate Admission must be filed with the UNO Office of Graduate Studies for students who:

  • Desire a graduate degree or graduate certificate
  • Desire graduate credit for renewal of a teaching certificate, or professional development
  • Desire to transfer graduate credit to another university

Special Note:  All students, except current junior and senior level students must complete a graduate application, or intercampus registration form for those students admitted to graduate programs at the other University of Nebraska campuses to receive graduate credit for any graduate level courses taken at UNO.   Special permission is required for junior- or senior- level students to register for graduate courses.  The form for juniors can be found here, and the form for seniors can be found here.

How to Apply

  • Complete the application and submit a non-refundable application fee of $45.

  •          Graduate Application              Graduate Application Fee

    • If you are having difficulty submitting your application electronically, click here for the downloadable version of the application form. Please note that while we make this form available in pdf, we strongly discourage its use, as it will delay your application process.
  • Request one official transcript from EACH college or university (except UNO) to be sent to the UNO Office of Graduate Studies (click here for the Transcript Request Form). Hand carried, faxed, scanned or student submitted credentials are not acceptable.
  • Some programs require additional information such as standardized test scores, letters of recommendation, or other supplemental information.  It is important for applicants to review the program(s) requirements and contact the program(s) of interest for additional admission requirements.
  • To be considered for admission in any given semester, all transcripts and supporting documentation must be submitted by the department/school deadlines. Please consult with the individual departments/school for exact deadline dates. It is generally to the applicant’s advantage to apply well before the published deadline, particularly if the applicant wishes to be considered for fellowships, assistantships or other forms of financial aid.  Applicants are solely responsible for making certain their materials have been received by the appropriate offices.
  • Notification of acceptance by a department/school Graduate Program Committee or faculty member is advisory only.  Admission is granted solely by the Dean for Graduate Studies.

International Students must complete an International Graduate Application and submit all supporting documents to the Office of International Studies and Programs.

Students Applying to Graduate Certificate Programs will follow the same procedure as above with the following exceptions related to the application and fee requirement:

  • Students pursuing a certificate program who later apply to a graduate degree program must complete a new application and submit all other required credentials.  If the degree is within the same department(s)/school(s) as the certificate program no application fee will be charged.  If the student applies for a graduate degree program after the certificate is completed, he/she must submit a new application, application fee, and all other required credentials.
  • A student pursuing a graduate degree program could be awarded a certificate while completing the degree however, the student must complete a new application to be admitted to the certificate program; he/she will not be charged an application fee if the certificate is within the same department(s)/school(s) as the graduate program in which he/she enrolled.  However, if a student applies for a certificate program after the graduate degree is completed, he/she will need to submit a new application, application fee and all other required documents.
  • Students within a certificate program are NOT eligible to apply for financial aid.

Students applying for a Second Master’s Degree, Graduate Certificate or pursuing an Endorsement in an area other than the first completed program must complete a new graduate application and submit an application fee and other required documents.

Students applying for a Master’s Degree with a Double Major can pursue their professional/scholastic goals by acquiring more knowledge of a second field than provided by the option of earning a minor, yet not requiring the student to complete a dual degree program (i.e., two master degrees in separate majors, typically 60+ hours).  Students are allowed to pursue a double major within the same degree (e.g. master of arts in two different majors).  For instance, a student may be permitted, with proper approvals, to pursue a master of arts degree in the majors of history and geography because these majors lead only to the master of arts degree.  One could not attain a double major in history and biology because these majors only lead to the master of arts and master of science degrees, respectively.  To apply:

  • Students will submit one application and application fee, clearly specifying they are seeking a double major, which department/school is to consider the application first, and if support from both of the departments/schools is being sought.
  • The graduate committee of the first department/school will pass the application to the second graduate committee with the results of its decisions (recommendation for acceptance with support, recommendation for acceptance without support, refusal of admission).  The decision to recommend admission by one of the graduate committees does not affect the decision of the other.  The criteria for admission for acceptance may differ between programs; admission to one or both of the department’s/school’s programs does not guarantee acceptance for a double major master degree.  Final approval of all applicants rests with the Dean for Graduate Studies.  If one major is approved and one denied, the student must submit another application with an additional application fee to apply to another major.

Students who wish to pursue two graduate programs may only do so with special permission.  Normally, no graduate student may be a degree-seeking student in more than one graduate program at the University of Nebraska, unless enrolled in an approved dual-degree program.  Any exceptions must have prior approval of every Graduate Program Committee Chair and every campus Dean for Graduate Studies through which the programs are administratively assigned. When there is approved Simultaneous Matriculation, the same course credit will not be accepted for more than one degree without prior approval of every Graduate Program Committee and every campus Dean for Graduate Studies.

Students who wish to change programs, except non-degree students, must complete a new graduate application and submit with it a non-refundable graduate application fee.  The decision as to whether students will be accepted shall be left to the graduate committee of the department/school in which they are seeking admission and to the Dean for Graduate Studies.  Admission to a new program is not automatically granted.  If a currently enrolled graduate student is admitted to a graduate program prior to receipt of their final grades for the current semester, the program may re-evaluate its admission decision, if the student receives a grade of “C-“ or below in any course work (undergraduate or graduate) for that semester.

All credentials received in connection with an application for admission to graduate studies at UNO become the property of UNO.  Under no circumstances will these documents be duplicated, returned to the applicant or forwarded to any agency or other institution.  Students may wish to obtain an additional copy of their official credentials to keep in their possession for advisory purposes or for other personal requirements.  Transcripts provided to the University in support of a graduate application will be maintained for two years if the student does not enroll.

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