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Graduate Studies
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Graduate Application Fee.

Application fee applies to:

  • New applicant applying to the UNO graduate studies.
  • Student applying to a higher degree level.
    Example: MA applying to EdS or PhD
  • An applicant who applied to a program but did not complete the application process within one(1) year.
  • A student who has not enrolled and attended UNO as a graduate student in the previous four(4)years.
  • An applicant submitting an application to multiple programs.
  • An applicant choosing a double major and they should submit one application and fee and sent an e-mail to clearly specifying that they are seeking a double major. In addition the applicant must specify which department/school is to consider the application first and whether or not he/she is applying for support from one or both departments/schools.
    • If one major is approved and one denied, the applicant must submit another application with an additional fee to apply to another major.
  • An applicant applying for an approved dual degree program. Such applicants need to submit one(1) application fee.
  • A student applying for a graduate degree program after the completion of a graduate certificate. Such applicants must submit a new application, fee and all other required credentials.

Application fee is not applicable if:

  • The student is changing from non-degree status to either unclassified or degree seeking. (This must be done prior to the completion of twelve(12) hours of graduate credit)
  • Students, who have applied to a degree program, have been denied admission to that program and within a two(2) year period reapply to the same program.
  • Student pursuing certificate program, who later apply to a graduate degree program must complete a new application and submit all other required credentials. If the degree is within the same department/school as the certificate/degree program no application fee is required.
  • Student who has graduated with degree and wants to return to take courses in the same academic area within a four year period. If they want to pursue a different degree a fee is required.

last updated: 11/2/2011 at 10:20am