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The Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy is the natural choice for students who want to go on to graduate work in philosophy. However the study of Philosophy is also a useful preparation for students who intend to work in other areas.

Philosophy provides a transferable skill, one that can be used in many walks of life. It provides training in rational thinking that cannot be obtained elsewhere plus it gives students a general training in thinking and writing clearly. It also provides experience in problem solving, in thinking critically, and in thinking laterally. Both ethics and logic are part of philosophy, and most people will face significant ethical questions in the course of their work and would do better in their work if they thought logically.

Studying the history of philosophy is also essential to the understanding of the history of ideas and culture.

Perhaps Socrates went a little far in suggesting that the unexamined life was not worth living, but it is surely true that an examined life will be all the better for it.