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Graduate Studies
Graduate Studies

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registration and academic policies.

Appeal of Grades in Graduate-Level Courses

Appeal of grades in graduate-level courses shall be made through the graduate student grade appeal procedures for the campus through which the grade was awarded. Students who believe their evaluation in a course has been prejudiced or capricious must first attempt to resolve the matter with the course instructor and then the department through which the course was offered.

The initiation of the appeal in writing by the student must be filed within six weeks following receipt of the grade from the Office of the Registrar.

In cases where a grade lower than a "C" will result in dismissal from the graduate student's program, the Dean for Graduate Studies will notify the Graduate Program Committee Chair and student that the student will be automatically dismissed from his/her graduate program. The student will have a two-week grace period from the date of the dismissal notification to the date of the request to the Registrar for disenrollment in all graduate coursework. This two-week period allows the student an opportunity to present his/her case informally to the course instructor and, if necessary, to the chair of the graduate program committee before being terminated from the program and disenrolled from courses. A student who has been dismissed from a graduate program and disenrolled from course work may still file a formal appeal to the campus Dean for Graduate Studies, but is no longer a student in good standing and is prohibited from taking graduate courses until the formal appeal has been resolved.

If the matter is not resolved, the student may file an appeal in writing to the campus Dean for Graduate Studies, who shall inform the student of the grade appeal procedures approved by the Graduate Faculty or by their duly elected representative Graduate Council for that campus, and shall forward the appeal to the student-faculty committee or council which is designated to hear graduate-level course grade appeals on that campus. Since awarding grades in courses occurs at the individual campus level, the decision of the campus committee or council designated to hear the case on behalf of the campus Graduate Faculty shall be final and is not subject to further appeal.