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Graduate Studies
Graduate Studies

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registration and academic policies.

Explanation of the Graduate Credit course numbers

Courses which are available for graduate credit are those which have been approved by the UNO Graduate Faculty or its designee. Students will not be allowed to upgrade or retake courses previously taken for undergraduate credit so that they can be used for any purpose where graduate credit is required. Undergraduate courses cannot be used toward a graduate degree.

A numbering system is used to indicate the availability and level of courses for graduate credit, as follows:

3 - - -/8 - - 5 (e.g. 3110/8115) or 4 - - -/8 - - 6

Courses with these numbers are open to both undergraduate and graduate students. Only 8 - - 5 and 8 - - 6 receive graduate credit; it is expected that students enrolled for graduate credit will do work at a higher level than that which is expected of undergraduate students in the same course.

No more than two 3 - - -/8 - - 5 courses are allowed on a plan of study.

8 - - 0 or 9 - - -

Courses with these numbers are normally restricted to graduate students only. At least one-half the hours of course work on a plan of study must be in courses normally restricted to graduate students only.

With special permission from the Dean for Graduate Studies, exceptional juniors and seniors may enroll in graduate courses.