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Graduate Studies
Graduate Studies

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registration and academic policies.

Automatic Dismissal for a Grade of "U" (Unsatisfactory) or "Fail"

A grade of "U" or "Fail" in any graduate course taken by a graduate student shall be treated the same as for a grade of "C-" or below and shall result in automatic dismissal from the graduate program.

The Plan of Study and Grades Which Result in Automatic Dismissal

Grades which result in automatic dismissal from a program (e.g., grade of "C-" or below, "U" , "Fail") may not be applied towards a graduate plan of study.

Students Dismissed from a Graduate Program Who then Re-apply as Non-degree Students

Students will be placed on stop enrollment for the department/school from which they were dismissed unless they request and receive permission in accordance with departmental/school graduate program policy to enroll as a non-degree student in that program.

Policy on Petitioning for Reinstatement into a Graduate Program

The process for petitioning and evaluating petitions for reinstatement into a gradute program is the responsibility of each department/school Graduate Program Committee. For a current copy of procedures, please contact your department/school Graduate Program Committee Chair.