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Department of Geography / Geology
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Geography Graduate Theses


December 2012

Christina Etzrodt: Voluntourism: Motivations of the Bethsaida Excavations Project Voluntourist

May 2012

Jacob McGlade: Analyzing the Potential for Commercial Expansion Using GIS

Mary Rozmajz: Delineating the Wildland Urban Interface Using Publicly Available Geospatial Data

December 2011

Bibek Bhattarai: Assessment of Mangrove Forests in the Pacific Using Landsat Imagery

Scott Flash: Western Sarpy County Drainage Ditch: A Chemical, Physical and Ecological Analysis

Bryce Marston: Geomorphometry and Object-Oriented Analysis for Terrain Segmentation and Landform Mapping

May 2011

Steven Sherwood: Geographic Reorganization of a Female Youth Development Organization: A Nebraska Case Study

August 2010

Paul Weiser Performance Analysis of Vector Overlays in Online Mapping APIs

May 2010

Allison Sambol Regional Perspectives of the Republican River Transboundary Conflict

Timothy Stoebner Assessing the Loss of Wetlands Within the Prairie Pothole Region: A Land Use Perspective

December 2009

Kimberley Stuart The Potential of Wind Energy for the Operation of Reverse Osmosis Water Plants in the Bahamas

August 2009

Brandon Weihs Higher Order Loess Terracettes and Related Ungulate Activities in Western Pottawattamie County, Iowa

May 2009

Casey Christo Comparison of Point Symbol Display Methods in Animated Cartography

Paul Hunt Scattered-Site Public Housing Impact on Surrounding Neighborhood Land Values: Omaha, NE

Caleb Richter-Tate Tepic to San Blas: A Geographical Reconstruction of a Segment of the Camino Real of Colonial Mexico

Roy Zach Is it Windy Enough for You? The Potential for Wind Energy to Generate Electricity, Income, and Energy Security in Rural East-Central Nebraska

December 2008

Magdalena Bastova Foreign Direct Investment Effects on Urban Economy: A Case of the City of Pilsen, Czech Republic

Nicole Vanosdel Spatial Patterns of Thyroid Cancer in Nebraska: Exploring Possible Environmental Relationships

August 2008

Blake Mayberry Framing the ‘Fragile Giants’: Aestheticization of Landscape in the Loess Hills of Western Iowa

May 2008

Farrah Grant The Journey to Campus: Commute Mode Choice for University of Nebraska at Omaha Students

Justin Pence Measuring Omaha, Nebraska's Urban Sprawl from 1990-2000

December 2007

Navjot Kaur Comparing the Spatial Mobility of Faculty between a University in India and the US using GPS Tracking

August 2007

W. F. Schwertley Web Site Design for Interactive and Animated Geo-Spatial Information

May 2007

Lubica Cverckova Spatial Analysis of Topography for Glacier Mapping in the Western Himalaya

Theresa deBoer Relationships between the Newhall Simulation Model and Dryland Corn Yield in the Major Land Resource Areas of Nebraska

December 2006

Leigh Anne Opitz A Spatial Analysis of the Foreign-Born Population in Douglas/Sarpy County, Nebraska--2000

May 2006

Michelle Rerucha An examination of wetland change in Douglas and Sarpy Counties, Nebraska from 1981 to 2003

August 2005

Teresa Silence An Evaluation of Wetland No Net Loss and Mitigation under Section 404 of the Clean Water Act on the Santa Rosa Plain, Sonoma County, California

May 2005

Abbey McNair All About a Line: Impact on the Cultural Landscape of Western Nebraska and South Dakota

Tyler Van Meeteren Spatial Implications of Urban Functional Classification: A Study of Small Urban Places in the North-Central United States

August 2004

Mary Haftings Soil Nutrient Differences between an Agricultural Field and Restored Prairie in Eastern Nebraska

May 2004

Peter Pavlicko Interactive Topographic Web Mapping Using Scalable Vector Graphics

August 2003

Eric Kriener Determining the Effects of a Wet Detention Basin on Water Quality: A Comparison of Two Flood Control Lakes in Omaha, Nebraska

May 2003

Gabrielle Collins A Water Quality Evaluation of the Heron Haven Wetland in Omaha, Nebraska

Pavol Hurbanek Accessibility, Settlement Dispersion, and Unemployment in Slovakia

Kristie Raymond Effects of Different Magnitude Precipitation Events on the Water Quality of the Little Papillion Creek, Omaha, Nebraska

December 2002

Shelby Sack Acculturation and Geographic Mobility: The Sudanese Refugees in Omaha, Nebraska

Haifeng Zhang A Spatial Analysis of Crime for the City of Omaha

August 2002

Steven Bartosh Population Impacts on Surface Water Quality in the Little Papillion Creek Watershed

Kelly Niemeyer An Analysis of the Impacts of Land Use Change and Greenspace on Runoff Rates in an Urbanized Watershed

Lesli Rawlings The Impact of Apartment Complexes on Property Values of Single-Family Dwellings West of Interstate-680 in Omaha, Nebraska

Bradley Richardson The Relationship Between the Palmer Drought Severity Index and Non-Irrigated Soybean Yields in Clay County, Nebraska

May 2002

Radoslav Bonk Scale-Dependent Geomorphometric Analysis for Glacier Mapping at Nanga Parbat, Pakistan

Stephen Cacioppo Anisotropic-Reflectance Correction of Multispectral Satellite Imagery in Complex Mountain Terrain

Sung-Jun Kim Hyperspectral Reflectance from Restored Tallgrass Prairie Under Different Management

Heather Ramig Non-Meat Food Processing Industries and the Disposal of Their Organic Waste Within the City of Omaha, Nebraska

James West Environmental Classification Using Soil and Sediment Properties for the Western Beteiha Plain in Northern Israel

December 2001

Jaroslav Kling The Role of Small and Medium Enterprises in the Economy of Slovakia

May 2001

James George Pattern Recognition of Meteorological Drought on the Great Plains Using NCAR/NCEP Reanalysis Data: An Operational Approach

December 2000

Laura Banker Sedimentologic and Paleogeomorphologic Character of the Western Beteiha Plain, Israel

May 2000

Barbara Lynn Daniels A Geographic Model for Urban Parks and Recreation Facility Planning: A Case Study of Omaha, Nebraska

December 1999

Steven Dale Harmon The Spatial Distribution of Cloud-to-Ground Lightning Flashes in Relation to an Overhead Transmission Line

Christina Diana Kerby Kessinger The Globalization of a Natural Resource: Examining the Upstream Impacts of Latex Gloves

August 1999

Maggie Latona Livingston Feedlot Impacts on Surface Water Quality in Sarpy County, Nebraska

Lauren B. Shapiro Lead Contamination of Soils in Belize City, Belize

Gary D. Shaw Evapotranspiration in Wetland Environments

James Mathew Swanson A Cartographic Appraisal of the Virtual Reality Modeling Language

August 1998

Larry J. Mastin Dehner Boot Company of Omaha, Nebraska: A Study in Manufacturing Geography

Jeanie M. Vincent Perceptions About the Environment From the Cayo District of Belize

May 1998

Frances Peck Biogeography of Fundulus Zebrinus, Plains Killifish, and its Relationship to Fundulus Sciadicus, Plains Topminnow, in Nebraska

Clifford Todd Promoting Economic Development of an Urban Area Using a Web-Based GIS

December 1997

Nozomi Kawabata Gender, Ethnicity and Space: The Case of Racial Ethnic Minority Women Telecommuters in Omaha, Nebraska

August 1997

April Whitten Roman Roads in the Upper Galilee and Lower Golan Regions: Relationships to Natural Migratory Routes

May 1997

Melissa Milner Post-Depositional Weathering of Cave Sediments in Berry Cave, Pulaski County, Missouri

Joseph Parsley Water Quality Survey of South Central Sarpy County, Nebraska

August 1996

Diana Reehoorn Hyperspectral Remote Sensing of a Submerged Macrophyte

Constance Watson The Geography and Geomorphic Development of Gifford Point Near Bellevue, Nebraska

May 1996

Charles St. Lucas A Study of UV-B Attenuation in the Omaha Metropolitan Area

August 1995

Rodney Fraser Change Detection of Wetlands in the Sandhills of Nebraska Using Landsat MSS Imagery

May 1995

Jeffrey Simon Impact of Federal Legislation on Natural Resource Management in the Santa Fe National Forest, 1988-1992

December 1994

Todd Noble Changes in Land Cover and Nesting Habitat for the Interior Least Tern and Piping Plover Along the Missouri River: 1983-1991

December 1993

Kim Smulling A Dendrogeomorphologic Analysis of the Meadville Slope Failure

Robert Watrel Sectional Voting Cleavages in Nebraska Presidential Elections, 1892-1992

August 1993

Andrew Dinville Sandhill Wetlands Change Detection Based on Landsat Imagery

May 1993

Val Goodman Vinton Street: Evolution of An Ethnic Retail Ribbon, 1889 to 1989

December 1992

Iona Meyer Gully Evolution in the Upper Delaware River Basin Northeastern Kansas

August 1992

Jeremy Dillon Holocene Alluvial Stratigraphy and Landscape Development in Honey Creek Basin, Nemaha County, Nebraska

December 1991

James Krist Establishing Meteorological Correlations Between the North Omaha National Weather Service Station and the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Station

May 1991

Raymond Latimer Holocene Climatic Change in the Central United States Inferred from Paleoecological Data

Michael McIntyre Golf Courses of Omaha: A Recreational Geography and Land Use Study

December 1990

Barbara Friskopp The Phytogeomorphology of the Niobrara Region Near Meadville, Nebraska

August 1990

Mahtab Lodhi The Quaternary Geomorphology of Meadville Slope Failure; Niobrara River Valley, Nebraska

May 1990

Thomas Schafer Impact of Prolonged Drought Upon Selected Great Plains Counties, 1890-1960

Yafei Lu The Improvement of Digital Image Classification over an Urban Area: A Probabilistic Relaxation Approach

December 1989

Mohammad Saqib Khan Digital Analysis of Selected Glaciers of Afghanistan and Pakistan

November 1989

Xinglai Ge A Factorial Ecology of Omaha: Using 1980 Census Data at Block Group Scale

August 1989

Xiaofang Chen Omaha Intrametropolitan Locational Changes in Manufacturing: 1969 to 1987

May 1989

Richard Benack An Improved Method of Assigning Spatial Characteristics in a Raster Environment

August 1988

Brian Soliday A Review and Comparison of Vegetation Indices: An Application of Landsat Spectral Reflectance Digital Data to the Northern Range, Yellowstone National Park

December 1987

Priscilla Kaufmann Urban Images of Nineteenth-Century London: The Literary Geography of Charles Dickens

Li Bin Texture Measures of Spatial Patterns on Thematic Mapper Imagery: An Experiment

August 1987

Andrew Baker The Adjustment of Agriculture to Its Environment: The Case of Antelope County, Nebraska

May 1987

Ken Maassen A Comparison of 1970 and 1985 Residential Patterns of Military Personnel at Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska

August 1986

Kyle Juracek A Geographic Information System for Residential Development Plans: Generating Physical "Desirability” Surfaces

Rebecca Hawley Land Use Changes Through Time, Mapping the Hard Core of Omaha, Nebraska's CBD 1940-1980