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If you are interested in the environment, energy and groundwater resources, global climate change, volcanoes, dinosaurs, mountains, earthquakes, or the nature of the landscape outside of your window, Geology may be the career for you.  Geology is the study of the earth and modern geology engages in understanding complex Earth systems and goes well beyond identifying rocks, minerals, or fossils.

The Geology Program in the Department of Geography/Geology at UNO is dedicated to educating students in the Geological Sciences.  This program prepares students for a variety of careers, but in particular, working in the geosciences field.  This would include working in the growing environmental, energy, and minerals industries, in the policy and education areas, as well as being prepared to continue on to graduate school.  More detailed information about geoscience careers can be found at the Bureau of Labor Statistics website - , and at the American Geological Institute - .

Our faculty are known in the region for their expertise in the geology of the Midwest, structural geology, vertebrate paleontology, geochemistry, glacial processes and global climate change.  All faculty in the Geology program have active research programs in such diverse areas as western Nebraska, the western United States, the Norwegian Arctic, and the Himalayas. Faculty encourage undergraduates to participate in their research and such participation has led to co-authored research publications and numerous presentations by UNO students at scientific meetings.  The faculty are dedicated to having undergraduates participate in original geologic research and this philosophy is embedded throughout the curriculum.  You can learn more about our program by exploring the tabs to the left. We would be delighted to talk with you about your interest in Geology and would be happy to discuss a possible major in this dynamic, growing field.

Grand Canyon

UNO students down in the Grand Canyon on 2006 field trip.