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The geography program at UNO prepares students for careers in urban and environmental planning, geographic information systems, cartography, remote sensing, and other areas of geographic research. The Department offers degrees at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Up-to-date computer laboratories within the department offer the latest in geo-information processing software.


UNO Dept. of Geography/Geology GIS Laboratory

Areas of Study

Physical/Environmental Geography
Conservation of Natural Resources, Biogeography, Process Geomorphology, Meteorology, Climatology, Water Resources.

Cartography & Geographic Information Science
Computer Mapping and Data Analysis, Geographic Information Systems, Environmental Remote Sensing, Advanced Cartographic Methods.

Urban/Regional Planning
Urban Geography, Land Use, Seminar in Metropolitan Planning, Economic Geography, Internship in Regional Planning.

Human Geography
Great Plains and Nebraska, Geography, Gender and Work, Historical Geography of the U.S., Seminar in Cultural Geography, History and Philosophy of Geography, Political Economy of Transformation in Central and Eastern Europe, Seminar in Economic Geography.

Travel & Tourism
World Regional Geography, Human Geography, Physical Geography, Economic Geography, Cartography & GIS.


For more information...
about the Geography program, please contact us at:

Department of Geography & Geology
University of Nebraska - Omaha
Omaha, NE 68182
Tel. (402) 554 2662