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Dr. Bradley Bereitschaft, Assistant Professor
B.S., Truman State University; M.A., University of North Carolina at Greensboro; Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Greensboro. RESEARCH INTEREST: urban geography, physical geography, urban environmental, sustainability, urban sprawl and air quality. Dr. Bereitschaft's Homepage

Dr. Rex Cammack, Associate Professor
B.S., University of Nebraska at Omaha; M.A., University of South Carolina; Ph.D., University of South Carolina. RESEARCH INTEREST: cartography, geographic information systems.

Dr. Christina Dando, Associate Professor
B.A., University of North Dakota; M.S., University.of Wisconsin-Madison; Ph.D., University.of Wisconsin-Madison. RESEARCH INTEREST: gender & landscape, visual representation of landscape, human perception of landscape and its expression in material culture, Great Plains cultural history.

Dr. George Engelmann, Professor
BS Principia College, MPH Columbia University, Ph.D. Columbia University. RESEARCH INTEREST: vertebrate paleontology, mammalian evolution, North American mesozoic stratigraphy., 402 554 4804

Dr. Karen F. Falconer Al-Hindi, Professor and Director of Women's Studies
B.A., University of Nebraska-Lincoln; M.A., University of North Carolina; Ph.D., University of Kentucky. RESEARCH INTEREST: Feminist Geography, Gender and Work, History and Philosophy of Geography, Research Methods.

Dr. James Hayes, Assistant Professor
B.A., Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis; M.A., Indiana State University; Ph.D., Indiana University. RESEARCH INTEREST: Remote Sensing, Landscape Ecology, Human-Environment Interaction, Impacts of development and land change on ecological systems. email:, 402-554-3862.

Dr. Harmon D. Maher Jr., Professor
BS State University of New York–Albany, MS University of South Carolina, Ph.D. University of Wisconsin. RESEARCH INTEREST: structural geology and tectonics, regional expertise in Svalbard, Norway., 402 554 4807. Dr. Maher's Homepage

Dr. Petr Pavlinek, Professor
M.A., Charles University; RNDr. Charles University; Ph.D., University of Kentucky. RESEARCH INTEREST: economic geography, political geography, regional restructuring, political economy, political ecology, transition in Central and Eastern Europe. Dr. Pavlinek's Homepage

Dr. Jeffrey S. Peake, Associate Professor
B.A., Rutgers University; Ph.D., Louisiana State University. RESEARCH INTEREST: climatology, resource management, wetlands, geographic information systems, agricultural geography. Dr. Peake's Homepage

Dr. Michael P. Peterson, Professor
B.A., University of Wisconsin - River Falls; M.A., Boston University; Ph.D. State University of New York-Buffalo. RESEARCH INTEREST: cartography, GIS, Internet cartography, world regional geography, geography and film. email: 402-554-4805 Dr. Peterson's Homepage

Dr. John (Jack) Shroder, Emeritus Professor of Geography and Geology
B.S., Union College; M.S., University of Massachusetts-Amherst; Ph.D., University of Utah. RESEARCH INTEREST: geomorphology, natural resources, mountain geography, Hindu Kush, Himalaya, Afghanistan, Pakistan

Dr. Robert Shuster, Associate Professor and Chair Dr. Shuster's Vitae
BS St. Lawrence University, MS University of Kansas, Ph.D. University of Kansas. RESEARCH INTEREST: granites, growth of the North American continental crust, radiometric dating and isotope geochemistry, geoarchaeology, and specifically in anorogenic, 402 554 2457



David Becker, MS 1985 Southern Methodist University
GEOL 1010-Environmental Geology; GEOL 2600-Geohydrology

Dr. Lawrence Bradley, Ph.D. 2010 UNL
GEOL 1010-Environmental Geology

Farrah Grant, MA 2008 UNO
GEOG 1000-Fundamentals World Regional Geog; GEOG 1030-Intro to Earth & Environmental Science

Paul Hunt, MA 2009 UNO
GEOG 1090-Intro to Geospatial Sciences

William Moak, BS 2005 UNO
GEOL 1010-Env Geol; GEOL 1170-Phy Geol; GEOL 1184-Historical Geol lab, GEOG 3510-Meteorology

Leigh Anne Opitz, MA 2006 UNO
GEOG 1000-Fundamentals World Regional Geog; GEOG 1020-Human Geography

David Pares, MS 1981 UNO
GEOG 1060-Phy Geog: Climate & Waters; GEOG 3510-Meteorology

Scott C. Robinson, MS 1980, UNO
Geog Geography 1060-850: Climate and Water (Online); Geography 107-850: Soils and Landforms (Online)

Alan Rowch, MS 1980 UNO
GEOG 1000-Fundamentals World Regional Geog

Ty Sabin, MS 1992 Univ of Wisconsin-Madison
GEOG 4330/8336-Soil Genesis

David Thorndike, MA 1968 UNO
GEOG 1070-Phy Geog: Soils & Landforms

Dr. Gabrielle Tegeder, Ph.D. 2012 UNL
GEOL 1010-Env Geol; GEOL 1170-Phy Geol