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Foreign Languages and Literature


Placement exams for both French (FPE) and Spanish (SPE) are offered through the UNO Testing Center. The Department of Foreign Languages doesnot use AP scores for placement into its courses nor does it accept other placement examinations from other institutions. For the placement exam schedule and to register for a placement test, please visit the UNO Testing Center website.

Placement in German and Russian is determined by oral interview. To schedule a placement exam in German, contact Professor Art Beckman by email, or by telephone at 554-3767.  To schedule a placement exam in Russian, contact Dr. Tatyana Novikov by email, or by telephone at 554-4840

Any student with prior experience in Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese or Portuguese should see an advisor (in ASH 301) to determine placement for their first UNO course.

Placement Exam FAQs

Who must take the placement exam?

All students with prior Spanish or French language learning experience who wish to enroll in their first UNO Spanish or French course, including incoming and transfer students. Students with no prior Spanish or French experience need not take the placement exam. The Department of Foreign Languages will use results of the exam to determine the most appropriate level of Spanish or French language study into which a student should enroll.

What is the exam format?

Both exams include a short listening comprehension section, a computer-scorable written section, and a short composition section.

How long will these exams last?

Exam time is 1 hour and 30 minutes, not including check-in, administration instructions, and check-out. Examinees should allow two hours for an exam session.

How do I find out my test results?

Within about two weeks of taking the exam the Department of Foreign Languages will notify you of your test results. You can also check your results in the student information system, MavLink, at that time. Results are valid for two semesters. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) prohibits giving out test results by telephone; do not phone for test results.

General Information

Only students who have been officially admitted to UNO are eligible to take these exams. All exams are administered by the UNO Testing Center, KH 522, (402) 554-4800.

Newly admitted students will receive exam registration materials by mail. Currently enrolled students register at the UNO Testing Center or online. Examinees register for a specific date and time and receive information on where to report for the exams at the time of registration.

Examinees who have a disability or needs that require accommodations should contact the Coordinator of Services for Students with Disabilities at (402) 554-2896 before registering for the exam. For Saturday Sabbath arrangements, contact the Testing Center at (402) 554-4800.

Please bring to the test: a Photo ID, two number 2 pencils, and a ballpoint pen.

Test sessions are subject to seating availability. Overflow requests will be transferred to the next test date. Placement does not guarantee enrollment. No individual user fee is assessed at the time of exam registration.

Examinees are expected to abide by the University's policy on academic integrity. Failure to do so may result in one or more of the following: cancellation of test results, being declared ineligible for admission to UNO, and/or expulsion of current students from the institution.

Retroactive Credit

Students who place into a foreign language class at the 1120-level or higher may be eligible for retroactive credit for the UNO courses they test out of. In order to receive retroactive credit, students must earn a final course grade of “C-“ or better in the course in which they are placed. Retroactive credit is only awarded for lower-division (1000- and 2000-level) language courses.
To apply for retroactive credit, visit the Department of Foreign Languages in ASH 301.