Elmwood Fitness Park

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Dedicated, June 29, 2011

Omaha's first of its kind fitness adventure

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Photos from the dedication/demonstration


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Media coverage

Omaha World-Herald, Outside gym coming to Omaha

KMTV, "The Morning Blend"

Omaha World-Herald, Park Takes Training Outdoors (be sure to click on the More Pictures link)



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Click on the name of the apparatus from TriActive America to see what it looks like.

Accessible multi-gym B

E-line seated lat pull

Sit-up bench


Leg press

Air striders

Combo press pull

Rowing machine

Thanks also to: UNO students: Michaela Schenkleberg (coordinator), Emily Casne, and April Proskovec, under the supervision of

UNO professors John Noble and David E. Corbin