Born 1925 in Woodstock, New York
Carol Summers is renowned for his intensely wild colors and revolutionary woodcut techniques. From 1948 to 1951, he studied painting and printmaking at The Art Student's League of New York and at Bard College, where he earned his BA. Summers produces his woodcuts by hand pressure using oil based printing inks and porous mulberry papers. After the ink is applied to the front of the paper, Summers sprays it with mineral spirits, which act as a thinning agent. The absorbing fibers of the paper draw the thinned ink away from the surface, softening the shapes and muting the colors. This produces a unique glow that is the hallmark of Summers' printmaking techniques. Summers printed the edition during his residency October 16-20, 1978, and was assisted by students Beth Davies, Dan Devening, and John Derry.

Red Lake
1978; color woodcut on Suzuki; 21 x 16 ( 53.3 x 40.6); edition of 30