Born 1948 in Minneapolis, Minnesota
"I feel that I am always on the same train, but waking up in different towns…I never know what's coming up, but I do know that tomorrow I'll be somewhere else and will have to adjust to what presents itself there." -- Steven Sorman, 1991 The artist, who has a penchant for enigmatic titles and tends to avoid assigning meaning to his work, was on campus April 3-9, 1983. Chicago printer David Keister and UNO students Lynn Hosea and William Zuehlke helped Sorman edition his sumptuously collaged lithographs with drawn and stenciled markings. As Patricia Hampl observed in a 1986 exhibition catalogue, the artist "approaches all media as implicit collage. That is, as opportunities for improvisation and relationship." After graduating from the University of Minnesota (B.F.A., 1971), Sorman began cutting up his own work to create collaged paintings with lush surfaces created by a complex layering of materials—canvas, Japanese tissue and German handmade papers—drawn upon with oils, gouache, charcoal, and pastel as well as embellished with metal leaf and beeswax.

Two Skyscrapers Decided To Have A Child and It Was A Very Fast Train
1983; color lithograph, stencil, and collage on Shibugami; sheet: 20 1/4 x 12 1/2; 12 1/2 x 20 1/4 (50.8 x 30.48; 30.48 x 50.8);edition of 40