Born 1949 in Fargo, North Dakota
The Professor of Painting at the University of Wisconsin at Madison studied at Moorhead State University in Minnesota (B.A., 1973) and the University of Nebraska in Lincoln (M.F.A., 1977), but his self-study of crucifixion scenes in the collection of the Louvre Museum during a 1983 trip to Paris had perhaps the most lasting impact on his art. Solien began to insert the head of Christ or a death mask into works, which often appeared alongside droplets of blood, tears or rain, as well as bizarrely shaped plants and a "scalloped bat wing" form. Despite the cartoon like qualities of his work, a characteristic of 1980s Neo-Expressionist art, the content wrestles with more serious concerns tied, he later explained, to his "economic and emotional struggles with his roles as husband, father, provider and artist."

1987; color lithograph, etching, relief, and hand coloring on Mexican bark paper; sheet: 23 1/8 x15 ΒΌ (58.42 x 38.1); edition of 30