Born 1942 in Washington, D.C.
The Professor of Sculpture at the University of Minnesota, who studied at the University of Illinois, Urbana (B.F.A., 1965) and the University of California, Berkeley (M.A., 1967), was a fellow at the Tamarind Lithography Institute in 1971-72. Selected for the I-80 series, his 1983 installation titled "Configurations" altered the museum's gallery walls with brightly colored wooden outlines of doorways and staircases. Curator Holliday T. Day offered this description, "The construction is rectangular wooden frame roughly a yard square, which projects from the wall about a foot. Its sides are made of chicken wire on which are fixed two hangers, some oddly shaped platforms, a roll of wire, a tiny white chair whose legs poke through, and a tiny bed frosted with white paint. Jagged strips of wood project from the construction at a couple of points, and the whole thing seems as random as a collection of attic junk….the construction is really a drawing….the frame of the box becomes the frame of a house drawn in shadows on the wall behind…The shadow drawing is one of Rose's most extraordinary transformations of the concrete into the metaphorical."

1983; intaglio and embossing with wood; sheet: 11 x 30 (27.94 x 76.2); edition of 11