Born 1972 in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Dennis McNett is the artist/founder of Wolfbat Studio in Brooklyn, New York. Dennis is a relief and silkscreen printer who produces large scale wood and paper sculptural prints in addition to traditional editions. Dennis is also known in the skateboard world for his skateboard and shoe designs. His work has been featured in "Juxtapoz" and "Bliss" magazines and the New York Times. He was invited to design and display his work in the windows of Barney's Fifth Avenue Store for the summer of 2011.

To Dennis an artist's residency is an opportunity to stage an event. At UNO Dennis built an engine for the Wolfbat Railway. The engine is constructed from plywood and paper and printed with relief prints and silkscreen prints. The students built oversize western hats to complement the train and a parade was organized to move the train to its temporary display site in Mammel Hall.

Wolfbat Railway
2011; relief and silkscreen on plywood and paper; 96" x 90" x 42", unique print)