Born 1929 in Detroit, Michigan
After receiving a Ph.D. in studio art from Ohio State University in 1960 and after teaching in California, Harold Gregor joined the faculty of Illinois State University in Normal in 1970. By this time, his photorealist landscapes were frequently exhibited with paintings by Richard Estes and other Super Realists. The three lithographic plates editioned by the UNO Print Workshop can be displayed separately or framed together to form a triptych that provides the "continuous glance" of a panorama format, which the artist adopted in the early 1980s because it "approximates the way most of us actually experience the Midwest countryside, which is by driving past it in an automobile." Like his 1991 panoramic landscape murals for the Illinois State Library in Springfield, the color lithographs possess a "harsh, silvery light that touches each leaf, and the full draughtsmanly and painterly attention given to each detail" that as Gerald Nordland observed, "creates an image of vegetation at once seething with life and frozen."

Landscape VII: A-C
1985; color lithograph; image (each panel): 15 x 23 (38.1 x 58.42), sheet (each panel): 22 1/4 x 30 (55.88 x 76.2); edition of 18)