Born 1969 in Scotland

Mark Gilbert is currently a PhD candidate in the Medical Science Interdepartmental Area (MSIA) program at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. His studies are focused in the interdisciplinary field of Art and Medicine. In tandem with his studies he is a graduate assistant with the College of Public Health, commissioned to produce a series of paintings that demonstrate the breadth of public health. The "Saving Faces Art Project" was established in 1999 at St. Bartholemew's and the Royal London Hospital. Mark was artist in residence and produced a major exhibition that has toured the United Kingdom, Europe, and North America. While in Nebraska, Mark has produced " Portraits of Care". Another large scale exhibition of medical subjects produced at UNMC.

The relationship between the subject and the artist is an integral part of the pictures he produces. Mark "has a unique ability to connect and respond to his subjects and to reflect them in a way that is full and human. "Anthony" is a large scale six color woodcut from the "Portraits of Care" series. Each block was hand cut by Mark Gilbert and several versions were color proofed before the final color set was decided.

2009; Color Woodcut; image 36"x 24", sheet: 42 x 30 (106.68 x 76.2)