Born 1938 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
A graduate of Carnegie Institute of Technology (M.F.A.,1965 and B.F.A., 1960), Jack Damer joined the faculty of the University of Wisconsin in Madison in 1965. During his residency (February 25-29, 1980), Damer worked with University of Wisconsin student Danny Miller and UNO student Barry Carlsen. Of such learning opportunities, Damer once observed, "The combination of art-making with teaching, while offering both exciting and anxious moments, provides an opportunity for moving between two modes of expression, i.e. making objects and formulating critical judgments. Perhaps it is, ironically, this relation between studio and classroom work that somehow stimulates the inspiration, which is, at times, difficult to come by in the unaccountable isolation of Academia. In that framework, I see the activity of the artist/teacher as being a significant and positive endeavor, performed in the midst of a generally cynical world."

Numero UNO
1980; color lithograph on German Etching Paper; sheet: 30 1/2 x 23 9/16 (76.2 x 58.42); edition of 25