Born 1949 in Lexington, Kentucky
"The Jackleg Testament" is a "prequel" to the Biblical Book of Genesis that tells the story of Eve and Jack, her companion before Adam, who are thwarted by the evil Nobo Daddy while on their journey to Eden. This cast of characters resembling the Punch and Judy puppets originated in a portfolio of woodcuts that the artist digitally photographed and then animated using motion graphics software to create a digital woodcut film. A 1932 film by Czech animator Berthold Bartosch based on "The Idea", a woodcut novel by Belgian artist Frans Masreel inspired Bolotin. A country western songwriter in Nashville for many years, the now Cincinnati based artist composed an operatic score with a folk music flavor for "The Jackleg Testament", which was screened at The Joslyn Art Museum in conjunction with an exhibition of his work and during his residency at UNO in the fall 2006. Katrina Pierce and Ashley Vak, B.F.A. students in printmaking, helped Bolotin and Gary Day with the printing.

The Teacup Ride
2006; color woodcut with lithograph on Rives BFK; image: 22 x 30 (55.88 x 76.20); edition of 30