Born 1932 in Farnhamville, Iowa
"I enjoy the process of making a print and view this process as a journey into the unseen (never the unknown) for there are many ways of knowing. My idea of a journey is based upon the conviction that the presence of an image is there (in the block, plate or stone), where it has always been…waiting…I view the picture as a universe of sorts; a paradox of chaos and order." -- Richard Black, 1987 Drawing from both "the Book of Genesis" in The Bible and global creation myths, the Genesis II series begun in 1967 is also notable for Black's use of commercial inks called "process colors" to create "very vivid, very intense" compositions emphasizing texture, intricate layering and pattern. Printed February 19 through 23, 1985 by Black and Thomas Majeski with students Dick Brown, Sandra Kelly, and Mary Rowe, "Genesis II: Noah's Ark" sold well. "Never thought I might be buying my own pictures one day!" the artist wrote Tom in December 1986 after purchasing six impressions from the UNO Print Workshop because he had sold his share of the edition to buyers in Des Moines, where he taught at Drake University.

Genesis II: Noah's Ark
1985; color intaglio on Rives BFK; sheet: 28 ¼ x 22 (71.12 x 55.88); edition of 30