Born 1946 in Harrisonburg, Pennsylvania
Waterworks, a 64-foot-long steel-and-aluminum sculptural fountain, which looks like a cross between a roller coaster and an overshot vertical waterwheel, was installed in front of the outpatient center of the University of Nebraska Medical Center in September 1993 and remained there until 1999 when it was placed in storage both because of a renovation of the area and because many at the hospital disliked it. Aycock, who was prepared to organize a "campaign to save the piece" was satisfied with its relocation to the newly constructed Peter Kiewit Information Science, Technology and Engineering Institute on the UNO campus, where administrators believed the artist's whimsical manipulations of engineering and technology would be better appreciated. "I'm sure that the piece will be disliked or liked, talked about in all kinds of ways, but there is something a little sheltering about being within a university that's kind of nice," Aycock responded in interviews. The artist, who attended Douglass College in New Brunswick, New Jersey (B.A., 1968) and Hunter College in New York City (M.A., 1971) has worked with many different non-profit and commercial presses to reproduce as prints the working drawings for her large-scale mechanical constructions.a

Date; relief print; image: 24 x 36 (60.96 x 91.44), sheet 29 x 42 (73.7 x 106.7); edition of 30