Born 1931 in Altenberg, Germany
"My internal method is to seek the collective forms that connect my own personal historical experience with the prehistoric and ancient past. Through my rituals and environments I recall sacred numbers and form in geometry, architecture, psychology, and mythology. Thus I hope to reawaken the forgotten symbols in all of us that heal, and reunite us with the collective universal essence that transcends the experience of time." Edith Altman, 1983 Altman came to Chicago as a child shortly after her father was imprisoned in the Buchenwald Concentration Camp, near Weimar after Kristallnacht ( November 9-10, 1938). Starting in 1979, the artist, who attended Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, began "Time/Space: The Hidden Dimension", a body of work created through the measurement of time. Each of her marks has "a precise relationship to the time needed to make it." During her month long residency (October 3-28, 1981), the UNO Art Gallery featured her prints and related audiotapes. "Primarily, it's the soothing (or maddening depending on your patience) sound of counting the seconds going by in a whisper. Another voice reads a litany of measurements (" a measurement of holiness, a measurement of trembling, a measurement of shaking, etc)," observed Roger Catlin of the Omaha World Herald.

Time/Space = Hidden Dimension the Image of the Word
1981; color lithograph on Black Arches; sheet: 30 5/8 x 41 (77.724 x 104.14); edition of 30